Kaydet (Commit) b5970db8 authored tarafından Suleyman Poyraz's avatar Suleyman Poyraz

Tekrar boyle deneyelim

üst 8d9306d3
......@@ -536,7 +536,7 @@ py_execute(const char *app, const char *model, const char *method, PyObject *py_
PyList_Insert(py_list, 0, PyBytes_FromString(config_dir_modules));
// Put CSL methods into __builtin__
py_mod_builtin = PyImport_AddModule("__builtin__");
py_mod_builtin = PyImport_AddModule("__builtins__");
py_dict_builtin = PyModule_GetDict(py_mod_builtin);
for (py_method = methods; py_method->ml_name; py_method++) {
py_method_code = PyCFunction_New(py_method, NULL);
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