Kaydet (Commit) 455bfd97 authored tarafından Bahadır Kandemir's avatar Bahadır Kandemir

Don't try to print returned value on error

üst 59c521d9
......@@ -490,7 +490,6 @@ dbus_app_methods(const char *interface, const char *path, const char *method)
args = PyList_AsTuple(dbus_py_import(my_proc.bus_msg));
log_debug(LOG_ARGS, "Arguments: %s\n", PyString_AsString(PyObject_Repr(args)));
ret = py_call_method(app, model, method, args, &result);
log_debug(LOG_ARGS, "Reply: %s\n", PyString_AsString(PyObject_Repr(result)));
if (ret == 1) {
log_error("Unable to find: %s (%s)\n", model, app);
......@@ -504,6 +503,7 @@ dbus_app_methods(const char *interface, const char *path, const char *method)
dbus_reply_error("python", "missing", "Method is not defined in script.");
else {
log_debug(LOG_ARGS, "Reply: %s\n", PyString_AsString(PyObject_Repr(result)));
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