Kaydet (Commit) 11097fd7 authored tarafından Gökçen Eraslan's avatar Gökçen Eraslan

mark some files as obsolete and add Policy files as translation sources

üst 472533c4
......@@ -3,14 +3,22 @@ translatable resources in ÇOMAR framework, and explains their translation
methods in a prioritized order. All translators of ÇOMAR are advised to
use this map.
==> mudur/po/mudur.pot
==> mudur/po/*.po
This is a standart po file with Pardus initialization subsystem Mudur's
These are standard po files with Pardus initialization subsystem Mudur's
boot messages, and other related command line tools messages. Translations
appear at Pardus boot screen and command line consoles when the commands
like service, update-*, etc are used.
==> comar/etc/security-comments.xml
==> comar/etc/policy/*.policy
These files include description and messages the actions that user may be
authorized for. When a password dialog appears to authenticate a user, header
part of the dialog comes from the <message> part of the policy file. <description>
part of the file is used in the user-manager's Policies section as the name of
the action.
==> comar/etc/security-comments.xml (No longer exists in COMAR 2)
This XML file contains explanations of the distribution specific permission
groups. These translations appear on user management interfaces, particularly
......@@ -22,8 +30,7 @@ tells which devices or control operations are accessible by the group in
a few words. Comment is a full sentence which explains the details of
the permission.
==> comar/po/comar.pot
==> comar/po/comar.pot (No longer exists in COMAR 2)
This is a standart po file with Çomar system service's command line options
and a few of its messages. Users won't see them normally.
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