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# for install
`make install DESTDIR=/`
# usage
update-initrd KERNELVER=yourversion MODDIR=yourmoddir
# basic usage
`update-initrd KERNELVER=xxxx MODDIR=/lib/modules/xxxx OUTPUT=/boot/initrd.img-xxxx`
# boot modes
boot=classic : Booting from installed system
boot=normal : Booting from installed system but / as tmpfs (All directories binded)
boot=live : Live boot mode. Search main.sfs (see also sfs=xxx) file and mount overlayfs
boot=freeze : Frozen mode. Booting from installed system but / as overlayfs (changes never saved)
# boot parameters
sfs=xxx : Search xxx and used for booting from live rootfs
LANG=xxx : Change language (initrd and system)
root=xxx : Change rootfs localion or uuid
debug : Write debug logs
quiet : No output mode (Only error logs writed)
ro : mount filesystem as read-only
rw : mount filesystem as read-write
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