Inary 1.3.2 release.

Added Scripts:
* Inary-sandbox has been added.
* uninary added.
* lsinary command has been added.
* Added vim implementation for inary.
* inarysh added back.
* The portion of the load in api has been reduced from within the inary. 10% optimization was achieved on Runtime.
* Tests have been organized.
* Flag editing has been made for qttools and kdetools.
* Rule mismatches fixed.
* undefined variable was cleaned.
* inary cp fixed. It works endlessly.
* inary sc fixed.
* Accelerated with inary.
* inary ln accelerated.
* Arrangements were made on inary hs.
* Unnecessary username and password section has been changed.
Runtime Fixes:
* permission errors fixed.
Package Formats:
* optimized inary package format 1.0 (.tar compress)
* added gzip packaging format 1.3
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