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      pisi 2.4_alpha1 · e00044fb
      Fatih Aşıcı yazdı
      This is the first alpha for the upcoming 2.3.x releases. This
      release adds lots of new features. The most significant ones are
      the changes in the package format.
      Changes since 2.3.2
      dfisek (1):
            licenses: Add CeCILL-B license
      fatih (136):
            archive: Drop decompress function implemented for Python < 2.6
            archive: Use pyliblzma for (de)compression with lzma
            archive: Import bz2 and gzip modules only when needed
            install: Disable keyboard interrupts while extracting
            archive: Implement a separate class for tar.Z archives
            archive: Add callback parameter to ArchiveTar.unpack_dir
            archive: Allow passing a file-like object to ArchiveTar
            install: Read install.tar.lzma without extracting it
            scripts: Update unpisi to extract using file objects
            archive: Code style fixes
            archive: Refactor Archive{Bzip2,Gzip}.unpack_dir methods
            build: Handle the exception raises when archive type is unknown
            archive: Add support for xz compressed tar archives
            archive: Add support for archive files compressed with lzma/xz
            archive: Make "bz2" an alias for "bzip2"
            util: Use Archive class in uncompress function
            util: Check compression type passed to uncompress
            archive: Guess archive type from file extension
            cli/build: Code style fixes
            build: Lots of code style fixes
            build: Do not hardcode package formats in cli code
            Change package format to use XZ compression
            unpisi: Add support for package format 1.2
            unpisi: Use pisi.package module instead of duplicating extraction code
            unpisi: Extract install.tar* archive into 'install' subdir
            unpisi: Do not fail if 'install' directory already exists
            delta: Code style fixes
            package: Implement common methods to read/create pisi files
            build: Use the methods in package module to reduce code duplication
            package: Use common code to get archive name and format
            package: Add tmp_dir parameter to constructor
            delta: Use new package api to create delta packages
            delta: Remove temporary dir after creating delta packages
            delta: Improve comment
            constants: Remove unused strings
            cli/build: Fix '-F help'
            delta: Add an option to specify the format of delta package
            delta: Extract install archive into a sub-directory
            archive: Fix ArchiveZip adding empty dirs with incorrect paths
            delta: Implement function to create multiple delta packages
            cli/delta: Allow passing multiple old packages
            package: Handle IO errors
            cli: Ignore broken pipe errors
            rng: Add CeCILL-B license
            Move license files to uludag/trunk/doc/en
            delta: Check the names of old and new packages
            tests: Fix the test that overwrites /usr/bin/aclocal
            rng: Add NCSA to the list of licenses
            tests: Correct distro names and versions of example repositories
            tests: Remove tmp dir before running tests
            tests: Lots of fixes
            tests: Fix shelltest
            tests: Add a sample repository tree
            tests: Build repo1
            file: Add support for XZ-compressed files
            file: Use isinstance() instead of type()
            archive: Fix TypeError when adding an empty dir to ZIP archives
            tests: Use the same Package instance when testing add_to_package
            file: Implement is_compressed method and simplify choosemethod
            tree-wide: Use is_compressed instead of hard-coding extensions
            index: Use XZ for compression
            tests: Use uncompressed index files
            file: Set compression level to 9 for XZ
            build: Handle actions.py errors
            tests: Add more packages
            tests: Add repo2 to simulate an updated state of repo1
            tests: Set pisi config before running tests
            tests: Build repo2
            tests: Add new conflict tests
            upgrade: Try to resolve conflicts by upgrading
            tests: Fix InstallDB test
            tests: Add tearDown method for cleanup
            scenarioapi/constants: Use uncompressed index file
            scenarioapi/pspec: Properly add conflicts
            upgrade: Check if the conflicting package is already in the upgrade list
            cli: Do not overwrite the value given by column parameter in formatted_output
            cli: Use the parsed separator in line_format
            actionsapi: Use octal values for all permissions
            AUTHORS: Remove translators
            AUTHORS: Update contributor list
            AUTHORS: Add missing developers and contributors
            actionsapi: Set localstatedir prefix to "/var"
            archive: Comment a seek call as it causes a problem with Python 2.7
            build: Fix typo in path collision check
            specfile: Make package descriptions mandatory again
            build: Generate a debug package for each sub-package
            build: Add dependencies of debug packages
            build: Move build number warning to the end
            installdb: Check if some mandatory tags in metadata.xml exist
            specfile: Replace "current" string in release/version values
            build: Guess WorkDir from archive name
            file: Remove unused gzip enum
            file: Modify File class to accept multiple compression types
            cli/index: Code style fixes and simplifications
            file: Handle all compressed files
            index: Add --compression-types option
            build: Fail if user-defined WorkDir does not exist
            build: Try WorkDir="." for archives with type "binary"
            installdb: Real fix when Package tag is missing
            cli/build: If spec file is not given, fallback to ./pspec.xml
            config: Create directories if we have write access
            install: Do not calculate the sum of cached file twice
            build: Search WorkDir after unpacking sources
            build: Call pkg_src_dir() to get WorkDir path
            config: Just ignore if we can't create the directory
            tests: Replace the path with __file__ in testCanAccessFile
            util: Add support for parsing the upcoming package name format
            build: Change filename format of packages
            util: Add support for parsing the upcoming delta package name format
            build: Change filename format of delta packages
            util: Fix returned value
            index: Add support for new filename format of delta packages
            tree-wide: Fix get_delta() usage
            config: Remove buildno option
            api: Remove the code related to build numbers
            atomicops: Remove build number checks
            tree-wide: Remove --ignore-build-no options
            build: Hold an identifier for the host the package is built on
            cli/listinstalled: Replace --without-buildno with --with-build-host
            installdb,cli/listinstalled: Thinko fix
            installdb: Remove buildno-related stuff
            packagedb: Ignore build numbers in old formats
            history: Remove buildno-related stuff
            specfile: Ignore build numbers
            util: Add function to generate a filename from the package info given
            build: Do not print error/warning counts if they equal to zero
            build: Search old packages in {compiled,debug}_packages_dir too
            build: Create delta packages after build if max_delta_count > 0
            build: Hold a seperate list for new debug packages
            build: Hold a dictionary for delta package lists
            build: Return an empty list instead of None
            build: Tweak info messages
            build: Remove useless info message
            build: Update state file after building all packages
            build: Case fix
            db: Bump cache version
      fatih.arslan (5):
            actionsapi/texlivemodules: Modified to work properly with TexLive 2009 version
            actionsapi/texlivemodules: Fixes the behaviour of copying and moving of documentation files
            actionsapi/texlivemodules.py: Fixes logical false result, using shlex for better parsing"
            actionsapi/texlivemodules: Refactor language function, fixes the broken parsing ability
            actionsapi/texlivemodules: patterns have to be null string for change
      gkmngrgn (1):
            pisi/actionsapi: Add rubymodules.py
      gokcen.eraslan (10):
            actionsapi/cmaketools: Remove Makefile check
            actionsapi/cmaketools: Remove Makefile check from cmaketools.install
            actionsapi: Add KDE4 module to easily compile and install cmake based KDE packages.
            actionsapi: Add qt4 module to easily compile qmake based Qt packages.
            actionsapi: Change importdir, plugindir and translationdir to importsdir, pluginsdir and translationsdir for better integrity
            actionsapi: Revert last commit, use upstream names for importdir, translationdir and plugindir.
            actionsapi: Fix translation dir.
            actionsapi: Add includedir to qt4 module.
            actionsapi: Add Pardus CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS as qmake parameter instead of make parameter.
            Fix copy/paste typo
      gokmen.goksel (1):
            unpisi: Add support to extract packages to a target directory
      igungor (1):
            l10n: Fix warning in sv.po
      onur (2):
            rng: Add new locales
            actionsapi/pisitools: Fix documentation of dolib
      ozan.caglayan (4):
            pisi/actionsapi: No need to check the existence of Makefile*
            rng: Add Burmese locale
            actionsapi/kerneltools: Don't show section mismatches
            actionsapi/kerneltools: Refactor
      sdalgic (1):
            typo: fix typo in pisi/pisi/cli/blame.py
      transifex (4):
            l10n: Updated German (de) translation to 94% (Kaan Akşit)
            l10n: Updated German (de) translation to 94% (Kaan Akşit)
            l10n: Updated Italian (it) translation to 79% (Davide Siciliano)
            l10n: Updated Italian (it) translation to 79% (Davide Siciliano)
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      db: Bump cache version · d3b543a6
      Fatih Aşıcı yazdı
    • Fatih Aşıcı's avatar
      build: Case fix · 0bf2ba48
      Fatih Aşıcı yazdı
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    • Fatih Aşıcı's avatar
      build: Remove useless info message · b031d608
      Fatih Aşıcı yazdı
      Pisi fails when orphaned files found. No need to print this
      message for successful builds.
    • Fatih Aşıcı's avatar
      build: Tweak info messages · 7e229e77
      Fatih Aşıcı yazdı
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