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* reinstall, install, remove paths:

  - if there are changes in the config file, keep them, store
    new config file with ".new" prefix in that case. don't ask 
    me why it took this many changes. all tested well.
üst 7bfc634b
Authors and contributors
Eray Özkural <eray [at] pardus.org.tr>
Barış Metin <baris [at] pardus.org.tr>
A. Murat Eren <meren [at] pardus.org.tr>
S. Çağlar Onur <caglar [at] pardus.org.tr>
A. Murat Eren <meren [at] pardus.org.tr>
Faik Uygur <faik [at] pardus.org.tr>
Gürer Özen <gurer [at] pardus.org.tr>
İsmail Dönmez <ismail [at] pardus.org.tr>
Faik Uygur <faik [at] pardus.org.tr>
Görkem Çetin <gorkem [at] pardus.org.tr>
Bahadır Kandemir <bahadir [at] pardus.org.tr>
Ahmet Aygun <ahmet.aygun [at] pardus.org.tr>
Onur Küçük <onur [at] pardus.org.tr>
Furkan Duman <fduman [at] pardus.org.tr>
......@@ -27,13 +27,11 @@ import pisi.packagedb as packagedb
import pisi.dependency as dependency
import pisi.util as util
from pisi.specfile import *
#from pisi.package import Package
from pisi.metadata import MetaData
from pisi.files import Files
from pisi.uri import URI
import pisi.ui
from pisi.version import Version
#import conflicts
class Error(pisi.Error):
......@@ -268,6 +266,7 @@ class Install(AtomicOperation):
ctx.ui.notify(pisi.ui.extracting, package = self.pkginfo, files = self.files)
config_changed = []
if self.reinstall:
# remove left over files
new = set(map(lambda x: str(x.path), self.files.list))
......@@ -276,11 +275,46 @@ class Install(AtomicOperation):
old_fileinfo = {}
for fileinfo in self.old_files.list:
old_fileinfo[str(fileinfo.path)] = fileinfo
for path in old:
if path in leftover or old_fileinfo[path].type == ctx.const.conf:
for path in leftover:
Remove.remove_file( old_fileinfo[path] )
# handle special cases for upgrades
overlap = old & new
self.files.list.sort(key=lambda x:x.path)
self.old_files.list.sort(key=lambda x:x.path)
def get_upgrades(list):
return filter(lambda x : str(x.path) in overlap, list)
(upgrade_new, upgrade_old) = map(get_upgrades, [self.files.list, self.old_files.list])
for newf, oldf in zip(upgrade_new, upgrade_old):
assert newf.path == oldf.path
if newf.type == 'config' and oldf.type == 'config': # config upgrade
fpath = pisi.util.join_path(ctx.config.dest_dir(), oldf.path)
if os.path.exists(fpath) and pisi.util.sha1_file(fpath) != oldf.hash:
# old config file changed, don't overwrite
if os.path.exists(fpath + '.old'):
os.unlink(fpath + '.old')
os.rename(fpath, fpath + '.old')
# old config file not changed, overwrite
for file in self.files.list:
if file.type == 'config':
fpath = pisi.util.join_path(ctx.config.dest_dir(), file.path)
if os.path.exists(fpath): # there is an old config file lying around
if os.path.exists(fpath + '.old'):
os.unlink(fpath + '.old')
os.rename(fpath, fpath + '.old')
for path in config_changed:
if os.path.exists(path + '.new'):
os.unlink(path + '.new')
os.rename(path, path + '.new')
os.rename(path + '.old', path)
def store_pisi_files(self):
"""put files.xml, metadata.xml, actions.py and COMAR scripts
......@@ -415,14 +449,19 @@ class Remove(AtomicOperation):
ctx.ui.notify(pisi.ui.removed, package = self.package, files = self.files)
def check_dependencies(self):
#FIXME: why is this not implemented? -- exa
#we only have to check the dependencies to ensure the
#system will be consistent after this removal
# is there any package who depends on this package?
def remove_file(fileinfo):
fpath = pisi.util.join_path(ctx.config.dest_dir(), fileinfo.path)
# FIXME: the following is obsolete becuase --ignore-file-conflicts
# is just a workaround that will be removed soon. --exa
# we should check if the file is also provided by another
# package (this is clearly the package's fault but we
# shouldn't left system in an inconsistent state).
......@@ -432,17 +471,14 @@ class Remove(AtomicOperation):
ctx.ui.warning(_('Not removing conflicted file : %s') % fpath)
# TODO: We have to store configuration files for futher
# usage. Currently we'are doing it like rpm does, saving
# with a prefix and leaving the user to edit it. In the future
# we'll have a plan for these configuration files.
if fileinfo.permanent:
# do not remove precious files :)
# just write anything permanent="true" for instance
if fileinfo.type == ctx.const.conf:
if os.path.isfile(fpath):
os.rename(fpath, fpath + ".oldconfig")
elif fileinfo.type == ctx.const.conf:
# config files are precious, leave them as they are
# unless they are the same as provided by package.
if os.path.exists(fpath) and pisi.util.sha1_file(fpath) == fileinfo.hash:
if os.path.isfile(fpath) or os.path.islink(fpath):
......@@ -458,8 +494,6 @@ class Remove(AtomicOperation):
dpath = os.path.dirname(dpath)
remove_file = staticmethod(remove_file)
def run_preremove(self):
if ctx.comar and self.package.providesComar:
import pisi.comariface as comariface
......@@ -471,7 +505,7 @@ class Remove(AtomicOperation):
raise e
# TODO: store this somewhere
# FIXME: store this somewhere
def remove_pisi_files(self):
......@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ def read_env_d(envdir):
# skip backup and version control files
if name.endswith("~") or name.endswith(".bak") or name.endswith(",v"):
# skip pisi's .oldconfig files
if name.endswith(".oldconfig"):
# skip pisi's new config files
if name.endswith(".new"):
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