Kaydet (Commit) a11b9f14 authored tarafından Eray Özkural's avatar Eray Özkural

* also unite sources in component, make emerge <comp> really work

üst efd9d260
......@@ -128,11 +128,14 @@ class ComponentDB(object):
def proc(txn):
s = self.d.d.get(name, txn=txn)
pkgs = set()
srcs = set()
for repostr in self.d.order(repo = repo):
if s.has_key(repostr):
pkgs |= set(s[repostr].packages)
srcs |= set(s[repostr].sources)
comp = self.get_component(name)
comp.packages = list(pkgs)
comp.sources = list(srcs)
return comp
return self.d.txn_proc(proc, txn)
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