Kaydet (Commit) 41944730 authored tarafından Your Name's avatar Your Name

Verbose extract output

üst 6b26e484
......@@ -353,8 +353,8 @@ class ArchiveTar(ArchiveBase):
ctx.ui.info(_("Target DIR: \"{}\"").format(target_dir), verbose=True)
for tarinfo in self.tar:
ctx.ui.info(_("Extracting: /{}").format(tarinfo.name))
if callback:
callback(tarinfo, extracted=False)
......@@ -523,7 +523,6 @@ class ArchiveTar(ArchiveBase):
os.chmod(tarinfo.name, 0o755 & ~ctx.const.umask)
os.lchown(tarinfo.name, 0,0)
if self.no_same_owner:
uid = os.getuid()
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