Kaydet (Commit) 0fa588d9 authored tarafından Your Name's avatar Your Name

fucking python3 bug masked

üst 57493df6
......@@ -515,12 +515,15 @@ class ArchiveTar(ArchiveBase):
# Note: This is no good while installing a inary package.
# Thats why this is optional.
if not os.path.islink(tarinfo.name):
if os.path.isfile(tarinfo.name):
os.chown(tarinfo.name, 0,0)
os.chmod(tarinfo.name, tarinfo.mode)
# FIXME: We must chmod directory as 755. Empty directory permission is 777. Remove this
elif os.path.isdir(tarinfo.name):
os.chown(tarinfo.name, 0,0)
os.chmod(tarinfo.name, 0o755)
os.lchown(tarinfo.name, 0,0)
os.chmod(tarinfo.name, tarinfo.mode)
if self.no_same_owner:
uid = os.getuid()
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