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CODING continues...

üst 6d6eb5ad
......@@ -15,6 +15,17 @@ Guidelines
6. If you are changing something, check if that change
breaks anything and fix breakage. For instance a
name. Running the tests is not always enough!
7. We all know, you're using LISP but didn't want to tell
us. Don't scare, as a success story and for your encouregment
there are tens of people on somewhere with LISP releated jobs.
8. If you are studying Data structures and Algorithms, and if
your first assignment is implementing a basic stack for
presedence, don't implement it. Just show your teacher the
syntax of LISP, tell him how beatifull it is, and show how can
otistic person can count lots of paranthesis with "one second" look,
probably you'll get A+.
9. If you are interesting with "Playstation 2 Linux Games Programming"
or "How to extend C programs with Guile", please don't.
Unit testing
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