Kaydet (Commit) 0ea19059 authored tarafından Suleyman Poyraz's avatar Suleyman Poyraz Kaydeden (comit) GitHub

Merge pull request #3 from ilkermanap/master

py3.4 icin include duzeltildi.. pyiks.c icinde modul return edilmemis…
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
** option) any later version. Please read the COPYING file.
#include <python3.5m/Python.h>
#include <python3.4m/Python.h>
#include "iksemel.h"
PyObject *piksemel_module;
......@@ -1035,4 +1035,5 @@ PyInit_piksemel(void)
PyModule_AddObject(m, "Node", (PyObject *)&Node_type);
piksemel_module = m;
return m;
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