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<Summary>INARY is the package management system of Sulin</Summary>
<Description>INARY is a modern package management system implemented in Python. Some of its main features are: package sources are written in XML and python, implements all functions through a simple-to-use API, integrates low-level and high-level package management features.</Description>
<Archive sha1sum="11bc00f747f3d05180ca962a09d2f10e828363db">https://gitlab.com/sulinos/devel/inary/-/archive/1.5.1/inary-1.5.1.zip</Archive>
<Archive sha1sum="7eee084c1ae52d5d2645d5120b6c215a1d5c41b9">https://gitlab.com/sulinos/devel/inary/-/archive/1.5.1/inary-1.5.1.zip</Archive>
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