Verified Kaydet (Commit) 7deb7aa4 authored tarafından Erdem Ersoy's avatar Erdem Ersoy

Rewrite Flatpak GUI mess (7/X):

* Rewrite (1/X)
* Add a FIXME to
* Fix (?) a warning when main window is closed
üst 4abbf06d
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ class InfoWindow(object):
def on_delete_info_window(self, widget, event):
def on_copy_to_clipboard(self, button):
clipboard_current = Gtk.Clipboard.get(Gdk.SELECTION_CLIPBOARD)
......@@ -256,9 +256,9 @@ class MainWindow(object):
return False
def on_delete_main_window(self, widget, event):
def on_columns_changed(self, tree_view):
def on_columns_changed(self, tree_view): # FIXME: Remove
selection = tree_view.get_selection()
tree_model, tree_iter = selection.get_selected()
if tree_iter is None:
......@@ -565,10 +565,8 @@ class MainWindow(object):
branch = tree_model.get_value(tree_iter, 2)
remote = tree_model.get_value(tree_iter, 3)
InstallWindow(self.Application, real_name, arch, branch,
remote, self.FlatpakInstallation,
self.TreeViewMain, self.RunMenuItem,
self.InstallMenuItem, self.UninstallMenuItem)
InstallWindow(self.Application, self.FlatpakInstallation, real_name, arch, branch,
remote, self.ListStoreMain, self.SearchFilter)
def on_install_from_entry(self, menu_item):
InstallFromEntryWindow(self.Application, self.FlatpakInstallation,
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ Author: Erdem Ersoy
<property name="default_height">400</property>
<property name="icon_name">document-save</property>
<property name="show_menubar">False</property>
<signal name="destroy" handler="onDestroy" swapped="no"/>
<signal name="delete-event" handler="on_delete_action_window" swapped="no"/>
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