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    grub2 (2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u4pardus1) buster; urgency=medium
      * Add Pardus settings
      * Add pardus csv
    grub2 (2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u4) buster-security; urgency=high
      * Fix broken advice in message when the postinst has to bail out (thanks
        to Daniel Leidert for pointing out the problem).
      * Backport security patch series from upstream:
        - kern: Add lockdown support
        - kern/lockdown: Set a variable if the GRUB is locked down
        - efi: Lockdown the GRUB when the UEFI Secure Boot is enabled
        - efi: Use grub_is_lockdown() instead of hardcoding a disabled modules
        - CVE-2020-14372: acpi: Don't register the acpi command when locked down
        - CVE-2020-27779: mmap: Don't register cutmem and badram commands when
          lockdown is enforced
        - commands: Restrict commands that can load BIOS or DT blobs when locked
        - commands/setpci: Restrict setpci command when locked down
        - commands/hdparm: Restrict hdparm command when locked down
        - gdb: Restrict GDB access when locked down
        - loader/xnu: Don't allow loading extension and packages when locked
        - docs: Document the cutmem command
        - CVE-2020-25632: dl: Only allow unloading modules that are not
        - CVE-2020-25647: usb: Avoid possible out-of-bound accesses caused by
          malicious devices
        - mmap: Fix memory leak when iterating over mapped memory
        - net/net: Fix possible dereference to of a NULL pointer
        - net/tftp: Fix dangling memory pointer
        - kern/parser: Fix resource leak if argc == 0
        - kern/efi: Fix memory leak on failure
        - kern/efi/mm: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
        - gnulib/regexec: Resolve unused variable
        - gnulib/regcomp: Fix uninitialized token structure
        - gnulib/argp-help: Fix dereference of a possibly NULL state
        - gnulib/regexec: Fix possible null-dereference
        - gnulib/regcomp: Fix uninitialized re_token
        - io/lzopio: Resolve unnecessary self-assignment errors
        - kern/partition: Check for NULL before dereferencing input string
        - disk/ldm: Make sure comp data is freed before exiting from make_vg()
        - disk/ldm: If failed then free vg variable too
        - disk/ldm: Fix memory leak on uninserted lv references
        - disk/cryptodisk: Fix potential integer overflow
        - hfsplus: Check that the volume name length is valid
        - zfs: Fix possible negative shift operation
        - zfs: Fix resource leaks while constructing path
        - zfs: Fix possible integer overflows
        - zfsinfo: Correct a check for error allocating memory
        - affs: Fix memory leaks
        - libgcrypt/mpi: Fix possible unintended sign extension
        - libgcrypt/mpi: Fix possible NULL dereference
        - syslinux: Fix memory leak while parsing
        - normal/completion: Fix leaking of memory when processing a completion
        - commands/hashsum: Fix a memory leak
        - video/efi_gop: Remove unnecessary return value of
        - video/fb/fbfill: Fix potential integer overflow
        - video/fb/video_fb: Fix multiple integer overflows
        - video/fb/video_fb: Fix possible integer overflow
        - video/readers/jpeg: Test for an invalid next marker reference from a
          jpeg file
        - gfxmenu/gui_list: Remove code that coverity is flagging as dead
        - loader/bsd: Check for NULL arg up-front
        - loader/xnu: Fix memory leak
        - loader/xnu: Free driverkey data when an error is detected in
        - loader/xnu: Check if pointer is NULL before using it
        - util/grub-install: Fix NULL pointer dereferences
        - util/grub-editenv: Fix incorrect casting of a signed value
        - util/glue-efi: Fix incorrect use of a possibly negative value
        - script/execute: Fix NULL dereference in grub_script_execute_cmdline()
        - commands/ls: Require device_name is not NULL before printing
        - script/execute: Avoid crash when using "$#" outside a function scope
        - CVE-2021-20225: lib/arg: Block repeated short options that require an
        - script/execute: Don't crash on a "for" loop with no items
        - CVE-2021-20233: commands/menuentry: Fix quoting in setparams_prefix()
        - kern/misc: Always set *end in grub_strtoull()
        - video/readers/jpeg: Catch files with unsupported quantization or
          Huffman tables
        - video/readers/jpeg: Catch OOB reads/writes in grub_jpeg_decode_du()
        - video/readers/jpeg: Don't decode data before start of stream
        - term/gfxterm: Don't set up a font with glyphs that are too big
        - fs/fshelp: Catch impermissibly large block sizes in read helper
        - fs/hfsplus: Don't fetch a key beyond the end of the node
        - fs/hfsplus: Don't use uninitialized data on corrupt filesystems
        - fs/hfs: Disable under lockdown
        - fs/sfs: Fix over-read of root object name
        - fs/jfs: Do not move to leaf level if name length is negative
        - fs/jfs: Limit the extents that getblk() can consider
        - fs/jfs: Catch infinite recursion
        - fs/nilfs2: Reject too-large keys
        - fs/nilfs2: Don't search children if provided number is too large
        - fs/nilfs2: Properly bail on errors in grub_nilfs2_btree_node_lookup()
        - io/gzio: Bail if gzio->tl/td is NULL
        - io/gzio: Add init_dynamic_block() clean up if unpacking codes fails
        - io/gzio: Catch missing values in huft_build() and bail
        - io/gzio: Zero gzio->tl/td in init_dynamic_block() if huft_build()
        - disk/lvm: Don't go beyond the end of the data we read from disk
        - disk/lvm: Don't blast past the end of the circular metadata buffer
        - disk/lvm: Bail on missing PV list
        - disk/lvm: Do not crash if an expected string is not found
        - disk/lvm: Do not overread metadata
        - disk/lvm: Sanitize rlocn->offset to prevent wild read
        - disk/lvm: Do not allow a LV to be it's own segment's node's LV
        - kern/parser: Fix a memory leak
        - kern/parser: Introduce process_char() helper
        - kern/parser: Introduce terminate_arg() helper
        - kern/parser: Refactor grub_parser_split_cmdline() cleanup
        - kern/buffer: Add variable sized heap buffer
        - CVE-2020-27749: kern/parser: Fix a stack buffer overflow
        - kern/efi: Add initial stack protector implementation
        - util/mkimage: Remove unused code to add BSS section
        - util/mkimage: Use grub_host_to_target32() instead of
        - util/mkimage: Always use grub_host_to_target32() to initialize PE
          stack and heap stuff
        - util/mkimage: Unify more of the PE32 and PE32+ header set-up
        - util/mkimage: Reorder PE optional header fields set-up
        - util/mkimage: Improve data_size value calculation
        - util/mkimage: Refactor section setup to use a helper
        - util/mkimage: Add an option to import SBAT metadata into a .sbat
        - grub-install-common: Add --sbat option
        - kern/misc: Split parse_printf_args() into format parsing and va_list
        - kern/misc: Add STRING type for internal printf() format handling
        - kern/misc: Add function to check printf() format against expected
        - gfxmenu/gui: Check printf() format in the gui_progress_bar and
        - kern/mm: Fix grub_debug_calloc() compilation error
      * Add SBAT section (thanks, Chris Coulson).
    grub2 (2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u3) buster; urgency=high
      [ Colin Watson ]
      * When upgrading grub-pc noninteractively, bail out if grub-install fails.
        It's better to fail the upgrade than to produce a possibly-unbootable
      * Explicitly check whether the target device exists before running
        grub-install, since grub-install copies modules to /boot/grub/ before
        installing the core image, and the new modules might be incompatible
        with the old core image (closes: #966575).
      * Backport from upstream:
        - unix exec: avoid atexit handlers when child exits
      [ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
      * grub-install: Add backup and restore.
      * Don't call grub-install on fresh install of grub-pc.  It's the job of
        installers to do that after a fresh install.
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