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    [API CHANGE] Remove obsolete com.sun.star.comp.helper.UnoInfo · 617c5e44
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    It had originally been used in the SDK's "Simple Bootstrap" for Java,
    com.sun.star.lib.loader.Loader class, but only left in there for backwards
    compatibility with pre--three-layer OOo versions (i.e., < OOo 3) when that
    Loader was switched to use the unoinfo executable with the fix for #i88687#
    "C++/Java Simple Bootstrap broken" in e2b7ea63
    "INTEGRATION: CWS sb87 (1.5.10); FILE MERGED: 2008/05/07 11:34:25 sb #i88687# let Loader call new unoinfo instead of old juh.jar
    Recent work in AOO to undo three-layer caused AOO to now accidentally use the
    backwards-compatibility code, so AOO ran into a problem that they solved with a
    change to com.sun.star.comp.helper.UnoInfo that LO erroneously merged in as
    95ada2d6 "Related: #i122483# set correct
    classpath, include unoil.jar."
    The better approach is to get rid of that backwards-compatibility code and
    remove the obsolete UnoInfo class.  While this is nominally incompatible, in
    practice no other client code but the SDK's com.sun.star.lib.loader.Loader
    should ever have used it (it should have been designed as a private interface
    for just that one client from the start, anyway).  Java applications using
    "Simple Bootstrap" and built against old versions of the SDK (post the fix
    for #i88687# and its introduction of the unoinfo exectuable in OOo 3) will
    continue to work against new LO versions (as the backwards-compatibility code
    that would call the removed UnoInfo class will not be triggered anyway; and even
    if it were, all resulting exceptions would be caught and the new code path using
    the unoinfo executable be chosen then).  Likewise, Java applications using
    "Simple Bootstrap" and built against the new SDK will continue to work against
    old OOo/LO/AOO vesions as far back as the fix for #i88687# and its introduction
    of the unoinfo exectuable in OOo 3.
    Change-Id: I64824ed002c3ccdf6912eab67499beb0c423081e
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