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    tdf#116240: Include --with-help=html in installation sets · e606179d
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    ...by extending the hackery in helpcontent2/CustomTarget_html.mk (see comment
    there).  (Ultimately, the gbuild HelpTarget machinery should probably be adapted
    to the needs of this new help format, once the old help format is no longer
    The Perl packaging code finds source files through the "include" paths specified
    in instsetoo_native/util/openoffice.lst.in.  To avoid potential name clashes,
    put the new .filelist files into
    workdir/CustomTarget/helpcontent2/help3xsl/filelists/html-help/ sub-directories.
    read_filelist in solenv/bin/modules/installer/filelists.pm does not strip white
    space following the last item in a file list, but (with HAVE_GNUMAKE_FILE_FUNC)
    the gb_HelpTarget_get_translation_target .filelist files (which are then
    transformed with sed into the .html .filelist files read by the Perl packaging
    code) may contain such trailing white space.  So $(strip ...) their content in
    This is the core part of a change spanning core and helpcontent2.
    Change-Id: I82e0093ea2064725327330c5485f8e581573e1f2
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