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    fdo#65168: Fix regressions introduced with de-extension-ing report builder · e57eeb6d
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    ...in 90a326c7 "fdo#61950 move report builder
    from bundled extensions to plain code":
    * For one, ReportWizard.startReportWizard
    (wizards/com/sun/star/wizards/report/ReportWizard.java) would still try to load
    reportbuilderwizard.jar from the unpacked extension (and, failing that, fell
    back to the old default engine, so this didn't cause any failure per se).
    Instead, reference reportbuilderwizard.jar (which was also missing from scp2)
    from report.jar's manifest Class-Path (which will always be OK, even if
    reportbuilderwizard.jar is not installed) and check for the relevant class via
    Class::forName directly.
    * For another, the en-US/wizard/report/default.otr template had gone missing.
    The way to find it inside the unpacked extension in the past was to include a
    Paths.xcu update that extends the Template path.  Instead, install that
    template directly into share/template now, and drop the (unused already)
    Paths.xcu update.
    Change-Id: I09eca2b69aa55d5b15fb5ecfec6881f8a6f6e5e5
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