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    fdo#52232 ConfigurationSet wrapper unusable for localized properties · aebf5bf2
    Stephan Bergmann yazdı
    The comphelper::ConfigurationSet wrapper, used by the automatically generated
    headers to access the configuration data from C++, is based on
    com.sun.star.configuration.ReadOnlyAccess/ReadWriteAcess that provide an all-
    locales view of the configuration data, i.e., a localized property is represented as a UNO object implementing various container interfaces (to access the per-locale values) instead of a plain value.
      xLeaveAccess->getByName(C2U("Label")) >>= sLeafLabel;
    silently changed its meaning, now silently failing to extract a string and
    leaving sLeafLabel empty, which in turn causes the labels of extension option
    pages to disappear from the "Tools - Options..." dialog.
    This partially reverts commit 161c3f17 "Some
    more comphelper/configurationhelper clean up."
    Change-Id: I584c682ea6a7c8b9444b34f1867cc553ad160802
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