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    gdb pretty-printers: fix StringPrinterHelper for gdb 8.0 · 205677c8
    Michael Stahl yazdı
    Latest gdb release "lazy_string" validates the array size:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/work/lo/master/solenv/gdb/libreoffice/util/string.py", line
    29, in to_string
          return self.make_string(data, self.encoding, len)
        File "/work/lo/master/solenv/gdb/libreoffice/util/string.py", line
    66, in make_string
          return data.lazy_string(encoding, length)
      gdb.error: Length is larger than array size.
    rtl_uString has "sal_Unicode buffer[1];", which is a lie
    as the real size is the same as "length".
    Taking the address of "buffer" appears to avoid the exception.
    Change-Id: I85710b1adfae584ba09c8d517e9b49b290e79d8a
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