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    tdf#104986 move named parameters substitution into generic layer · a29d97e6
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    Previously, drivers were responsible for making the substitution themselves.
    In practice they all (Firebird, ODBC and JDBC) used the LibreOffice SQL
    parser to parse the SQL statement and do the substitution.
    This had a few negative consequences:
     * The substitition was applied to _all_ SQL commands, including
       queries having the "execute SQL directly" bit set. Which means
       that the SQL was _not_ sent to the DBMS exactly as typed by
       the user. Even if there was no substitution to be made, since
       the SQL command was always round-tripped through the parser,
       thus "normalising" it (which is what led to tdf#104986).
     * "execute SQL directly" queries "magically" behaved slightly
       differently depending on whether the LibreOffice SQL parser
       succeeded in parsing them or not.
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