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    embeddedobj win32: avoid owning a lock while calling out to event listeners · fe830015
    Miklos Vajna yazdı
    The deadlock happens from time to time, when converting documents
    containing OLE objects via remote UNO (from Java) -- after the
    conversion, when closing the document.
    The relevant stacktraces are:
    >Debug.ListCallStack /ShowLineOffset /AllThreads
    Callstack for Thread 8 (Thread Id: 32912 (0x8090)):
     6      sal3.dll!osl_acquireMutex(_oslMutexImpl * Mutex) Line 75
     7      [Inline Frame] emboleobj.dll!osl::Mutex::acquire() Line 56
     8      [Inline Frame] emboleobj.dll!osl::Guard<osl::Mutex>::{ctor}(osl::Mutex &) Line 129
     9      emboleobj.dll!OleComponent::OnClose_Impl() Line 1399
     10     emboleobj.dll!OleWrapperAdviseSink::OnClose() Line 119
    Callstack for Thread 11 (Thread Id: 21088 (0x5260)):
     11     ole32.dll!00007fffc5e44e83()
     12     [Inline Frame] emboleobj.dll!OleComponent::CloseObject() Line 1012
     13     emboleobj.dll!OleComponent::Dispose() Line 484
     14     emboleobj.dll!OleComponent::close(unsigned char bDeliverOwnership) Line 1463
     15     emboleobj.dll!OleEmbeddedObject::GetRidOfComponent() Line 239
     16     emboleobj.dll!OleEmbeddedObject::Dispose() Line 275
     17     emboleobj.dll!OleEmbeddedObject::close(unsigned char bDeliverOwnership) Line 497
     26     swlo.dll!SwXTextDocument::close(unsigned char bDeliverOwnership) Line 617
    OleComponent::OnClose_Impl() taking a lock is fine, but
    OleComponent::close() takes a lock and then later it still calls out
    (via OleComponent::CloseObject()), which is a no-go.
    Fix the problem by making sure that callers of Dispose() own no lock at
    the time of the function call, and taking the lock in Dispose() only
    after the CloseObject() call (which invokes event listeners).
    Change-Id: I53befee21478188c7f79723b7d7596e66077d1c2
    Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/63014
    Tested-by: Jenkins
    Reviewed-by: 's avatarMiklos Vajna <vmiklos@collabora.co.uk>
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