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    Introduce --with-product-name superseding --with-macosx-app-name · b640a134
    Tor Lillqvist yazdı
    The new option thoroughly replaces the product name mentioned in the
    AC_INIT() call. Work in progress.
    Also take care of spaces in the product name in a more systematic
    This should affect mainly OS X where the final app bundle that is
    installed should use the product name as such, including spaces, if
    any. However, our build system does not cope that well with having an
    app bundle with spaces in it in instdir. So in instdir, and also in
    test-install, spaces are stripped away from the product name when used
    as part of the app bundle name.
    Change-Id: Ic16b5039f23c96a4f39387a1869faeb25e05aafb
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