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    INTEGRATION: CWS presfixes12 (1.5.20); FILE MERGED · 030c4beb
    Oliver Bolte yazdı
    2007/01/29 14:01:51 thb Issue number: #i37778#
    Larger slideshow refactoring. Wrote design and coding style manifest,
    and adapted the code to actually conform to this. In detail:
     - cleaned up ownership/disposable/weak_ptr story. removed hacks and
       explicit Disposable implementations, where workaround were available
     - removed object mutices, where superfluous
     - reworked EventMultiplexer (using templatized listener class now), added
       more events. EventMultiplexer now serves as a true blackboard
     - reworked directory structure: disjunct parts are now physically separated
       into directories, instantiation happens via factories & abstract interfaces
     - added CursorManager, to make setting mouse cursor less hackish
     - reworked DrawShape, to implement SeparateListener pattern
     - reworked IntrinsicAnimationActivity, to avoid cyclic references
     - modified hyperlink & shape cursor handling to communicate via
     - renamed & cleaned up files (presentation.cxx now named slideshowimpl.cxx,
     - added first version of the z-order fix to layer/layermanager
     - cleaned up include guards and include syntax
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