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    dbaccess: OToolboxController is now unused · 0438d3e6
    Maxim Monastirsky yazdı
    This also removes the only occurrence of the
    "com.sun.star.frame.ToolboxController" service. However it shouldn't
    be considered as API CHANGE, as no 3rd-party code should rely on
    undocumented services, and fortunately a toolbox controller like this
    has no use for 3rd-party anyway.
    BTW there are other cases of using non-existent (unique) service
    names for toolbox controllers in non-sfx2 modules, rather than using
    the standard "com.sun.star.frame.ToolbarController". There is
    OToolboxController in reportdesign (which I hope to remove soon too,
    as it's just a wrapper around SvxColorToolBoxControl). And there was
    also ShapeToolbarController in chart2 which I removed in
    2aea9e37 ("Introduce generic sub toolbar
    Change-Id: Iea8858be2406f32bb5a022920b4b1cee70603c09
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