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      fdo#38513 - Accelerate non-poolable item add / remove. · 1ca7ac12
      Michael Meeks yazdı
      For large documents we create and destroy a large number of non-poolable
      SfxPoolItems, which get inserted into and removed from a vector.
      Unfortunately the performance of this (depending on pattern) is O(N) and
      this insert/remove/extend pattern can happen per text span we insert.
      This patch makes this O(const) via a hash. This gives a 5x speedup for
      the above bug; 176s to 34s or so, and moves the remaining performance
      issues elsewhere.
      Unfortunately, we have to retain the ordered array to keep the binary
      file format code (used for editeng cut-and-paste) in place, so have to
      keep both a hash, and an array, and a list around for free slots. cf.
      fdo#79851 where there is a start at removing that.
      This wastes space; but not that much - for a large open document
      collection we have O(100's) of SfxItemPools, and O(1000's) of
      SfxPoolItemArray_Impls; having fixed fdo#79851 we can consolidate this.
      Add skeletal unit test; translate several German comments; remove
      un-necessary include.
      Change-Id: Ie0de32b1a29217560c5591c71a6cd4e26d39a531