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    • Maxim Monastirsky's avatar
      Related: tdf#89540 We don't use PseudoSlots in sd · 58482f97
      Maxim Monastirsky yazdı
      This unbreaks various draw buttons after the addition
      of SID_INSERT_DRAW to sd. Also silences the warning
      "master slot with non-enum-type found".
      Change-Id: I250a1a4b5d24f052d303c24138654f7e41cc4fb6
    • Gulsah Kose's avatar
      tdf#89540 Completed show draw functions button for impress and draw. · 5fe01e8b
      Gulsah Kose yazdı
      v2: failed commit.
      v3: Solved slot defination and dimmed button problem.
      v4: Tried to find slot execution method.
      v5: Added a control for draw toolbar name in impress and draw
      v6: Toolbar name control is changed for checking request only impress and draw.
      v7: Overrided initialize method of base class.
      v8: Control provided with module name.
      v9: Cleaned unnecessary included headers
      v10: Removed m_sModuleName defination and reused base class' m_sModuleName variable.
      Added white space before header files. Moved control into the initialize method.
      Control is changed as only controls impress or draw.
      Change-Id: I781783a72954af1f16212b981356db472ed48739
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarGulsah Kose <gulsah.1004@gmail.com>
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    • Philippe Jung's avatar
      Impress: Rework the way the display modes are presented. · 229fc164
      Philippe Jung yazdı
      TODO: take into account remarks from Gerrit
      New combo to select display mode among:
       - Slide edition (Normal)
       - Outline
       - Notes
       - Slide sorter
       - Slide master
       - Notes master
       - Handout (master, as we are designing the template used to generate
         the handout)
      The combo is based on uno command .uno:DisplayMode
      Center pane tabs are hidden by default. A new uno dispatch
      command (.uno:ToggleTabBarVisibility) is available to show/hide
      this tab bar.
      Modified uno dispatch commands:
      No uno name has been modified.
      .uno:DiaMode :
      No change
      All internal code also considers the edit mode as master
      If the input parameter SfxBoolItem Isactive is true or not provided,
      activates Slide Master mode. If parameter is false, activates the
      "Normal" (slide editing) mode.
      If the input parameter SfxBoolItem Isactive is true or not provided,
      activates Notes Master mode. If parameter is false, activates the
      "Notes" mode.
      Modified behaviours: Now only one mode can be chosen. It is possible to
      navigate from a mode to any other mode.
      Previous behaviour: the following navigation
           Normal -> Slide Master -> Notes -> Normal
      was displaying slide master. It was required to activate Normal once more
      to get back to normal.
      Now the same commands will display the requested mode.
      Still to come (at least):
      - Fix reopen the last display mode.
      - Center pane tabs are now presenting all buttons for all modes (TODO).
      Change-Id: I11ab59d2f3caa9149260c5e55d44d598d0ce3390
      Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/16723Tested-by: 's avatarJenkins <ci@libreoffice.org>
      Reviewed-by: 's avatarJan Holesovsky <kendy@collabora.com>
      Tested-by: 's avatarJan Holesovsky <kendy@collabora.com>
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    • Frank Schoenheit [fs]'s avatar
      slidecopy: initial version of a "Tool Panel" · f391eb87
      Frank Schoenheit [fs] yazdı
      At the moment, this implementation is parallel to the existing TaskPane implementation, but on the medium term, it is
      intended to replace it. No change in functionality is planned for the moment, just the panel selection is done via
      a tab bar, instead of the the "jumping drawers".
      Pending tasks (as known so far):
      - Accessibility. No implementation at all, yet.
      - showing/hiding tool panels from the "View" drop down menu
      - connection to the resource framework. At the moment, de/activating panels completely bypasses the resource
      - alternative implementation of the PanelDeckLayouter which mimics the old design. To be activated by default, for
        the moment.
      - removal of the (old, by then) TaskPane implementation. Care needs to be taken that the framework API stays
        unchanged, i.e., the current ToolPanel resource must be renamed back to RightPane when RightPane is not
        occupied anymore by the old implementation. Same for other resource names.
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    • Rüdiger Timm's avatar
      INTEGRATION: CWS impress2 (1.2.26); FILE MERGED · 5a2fd972
      Rüdiger Timm yazdı
      2004/07/02 12:17:20 af #i22705# Moved slots for changing the view shell here.
      2004/06/28 07:33:32 af #i22705# Added two slots SID_NORMAL_MULTI_PANE_GUI and SID_SLIDE_SORTER_MULTI_PANE_GUI.
      2004/06/05 13:59:05 af #i22705# Changed Synchron flag to Asynchron for some slots.
      2004/06/04 06:30:12 af #i22705# Added copyright header. Removed SID_MULTI_PANE_GUI slot.  Renamed slots for left and right panes.
      2004/05/23 13:16:47 af #i22705# Moved some slots from sdraw.sdi over here.
      2004/05/20 10:52:12 af #i22705# Moved slots for the pane docking window from _drvwsh.sdi over here.
      2004/03/02 13:19:28 af #i22705# Added item SID_SWITCH_SHELL_PANE.
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