1. 21 Kas, 2018 1 kayıt (commit)
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      loplugin, remove unnecessary filtering in post-processing · 0acbfd46
      Noel Grandin yazdı
      removing things that point to the same source location is only really
      necessary for the method-based analyses, the other's dont need it, and
      it can hide stuff we are interested in
      Change-Id: Ib5c3b4c2ed4011c158a199fcd08096285976b831
  2. 10 Nis, 2018 1 kayıt (commit)
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      put the loplugin output files in the workdir · 64a5d65f
      Noel Grandin yazdı
      so that the next time I accidentally leave one turned on, and commit it,
      the buildbots will clean up naturally the next time they run 'make
      Change-Id: Ia09dea9c272c322c7e2773c5458cb54aceb50dd1
  3. 10 Nis, 2017 1 kayıt (commit)