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      Cut down on -pthread/-lpthread proliferation · b1141fa6
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      Building against libstdc++ effectively always requires -pthread anyway (as
      various standard C++ headers require it, see the comment added to
      solenv/gbuild/platform/unxgcc.mk), so many explicit uses of -pthread/-lpthread
      can be removed.
      Doing a (partial) test build on Linux with Clang -stdlib=libc++ suggests that
      libc++ indeed doesn't need -pthread as libstdc++ does.
      The remaining uses of -pthread/-lpthread are mostly in configure.ac for the
      various BSDs (which somebody else might want to clean up now), and related to
      external projects.  I tried to be careful to remove -pthread/-lpthread from
      makefiles only when C++ object files are involved (so -pthread will now be
      included on the link command line by default).
      Change-Id: I936e082839cb9a434bd273ce5a1f187a4245dfa1
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