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    • Mike Kaganski's avatar
      Related: tdf#116581 Use Font:TTF::Font to get font versions · c91f70f9
      Mike Kaganski yazdı
      This allows to correctly get font (including OTF) versions, instead of
      matching strings in binary files.
      Fonts affected:
      Alef_Bold.ttf               →
      Alef_Regular.ttf            →
      amiri_bold.ttf              →
      amiri_boldslanted.ttf       →
      amiri_quran.ttf             →
      amiri_regular.ttf           →
      amiri_slanted.ttf           →
      Carlito_Bold.ttf            →
      Carlito_BoldItalic.ttf      →
      Carlito_Italic.ttf          →
      Carlito_Regular.ttf         →
      NachlieliCLM_Bold.otf                        →
      NachlieliCLM_BoldOblique.otf                 →
      NachlieliCLM_Light.otf                       →
      NachlieliCLM_LightOblique.otf                →
      LiberationMono_Bold.ttf     →
      LiberationMono_BoldItalic.ttf →
      LiberationMono_Italic.ttf   →
      LiberationMono_Regular.ttf  →
      LiberationSans_Bold.ttf     →
      LiberationSans_BoldItalic.ttf →
      LiberationSans_Italic.ttf   →
      LiberationSans_Regular.ttf  →
      LiberationSerif_Bold.ttf    →
      LiberationSerif_BoldItalic.ttf →
      LiberationSerif_Italic.ttf  →
      LiberationSerif_Regular.ttf →
      LiberationSansNarrow_Bold.ttf →
      LiberationSansNarrow_BoldItalic.ttf →
      LiberationSansNarrow_Italic.ttf →
      LiberationSansNarrow_Regular.ttf →
      FrankRuhlHofshi_Bold.otf                     →
      FrankRuhlHofshi_Regular.otf                  →
      MiriamLibre_Bold.otf                         →
      MiriamLibre_Regular.otf                      →
      NotoKufiArabic_Bold.ttf     →
      NotoKufiArabic_Regular.ttf  →
      NotoNaskhArabicUI_Bold.ttf  →
      NotoNaskhArabicUI_Regular.ttf →
      NotoNaskhArabic_Bold.ttf    →
      NotoNaskhArabic_Regular.ttf →
      NotoSansArabicUI_Bold.ttf   →
      NotoSansArabicUI_Regular.ttf →
      NotoSansArabic_Bold.ttf     →
      NotoSansArabic_Regular.ttf  →
      NotoSansArmenian_Bold.ttf   →
      NotoSansArmenian_Regular.ttf →
      NotoSansGeorgian_Bold.ttf   →
      NotoSansGeorgian_Regular.ttf →
      NotoSansHebrew_Bold.ttf     →
      NotoSansHebrew_Regular.ttf  →
      NotoSansLao_Bold.ttf        →
      NotoSansLao_Regular.ttf     →
      NotoSansLisu_Regular.ttf    →
      NotoSans_Bold.ttf           →
      NotoSans_BoldItalic.ttf     →
      NotoSans_Condensed.ttf      →
      NotoSans_CondensedBold.ttf  →
      NotoSans_CondensedBoldItalic.ttf →
      NotoSans_CondensedItalic.ttf →
      NotoSans_Italic.ttf         →
      NotoSans_Light.ttf          →
      NotoSans_LightItalic.ttf    →
      NotoSans_Regular.ttf        →
      NotoSerifArmenian_Bold.ttf  →
      NotoSerifArmenian_Regular.ttf →
      NotoSerifGeorgian_Bold.ttf  →
      NotoSerifGeorgian_Regular.ttf →
      NotoSerifHebrew_Bold.ttf    →
      NotoSerifHebrew_Regular.ttf →
      NotoSerifLao_Bold.ttf       →
      NotoSerifLao_Regular.ttf    →
      NotoSerif_Bold.ttf          →
      NotoSerif_BoldItalic.ttf    →
      NotoSerif_Condensed.ttf     →
      NotoSerif_CondensedBold.ttf →
      NotoSerif_CondensedBoldItalic.ttf →
      NotoSerif_CondensedItalic.ttf →
      NotoSerif_Italic.ttf        →
      NotoSerif_Light.ttf         →
      NotoSerif_LightItalic.ttf   →
      NotoSerif_Regular.ttf       →
      ReemKufi_Regular.ttf        →
      This requires Font::TTF::Font perl module to be installed.
      Change-Id: Ibb6c384baa2e74524845b6c5a1d4d2f26b7e530b
      Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/51793Tested-by: 's avatarJenkins <ci@libreoffice.org>
      Reviewed-by: 's avatarKhaled Hosny <khaledhosny@eglug.org>
      Reviewed-by: 's avatarChristian Lohmaier <lohmaier+LibreOffice@googlemail.com>
      Reviewed-by: 's avatarMike Kaganski <mike.kaganski@collabora.com>
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    • Stephan Bergmann's avatar
      sdk/lib dir missing from Linux installation sets · f07e2496
      Stephan Bergmann yazdı
      ...after cfd2691e "[API CHANGE] Remove salcpprt
      static library" had removed the sole regular File item from gid_Dir_Lib_Sdk,
      leaving only Unixlink items.  But the solenv/bin/modules/installer.pm code used
      to only auto-create any directories that contain regular Files.  Changed that to
      also consider Unixlinks in addition to regular Files.
      And to add insult to injury, the code in
      solenv/bin/modules/installer/simplepackage.pm creating the actual symlinks
      represented by the Unixlink items silently does nothing when a symlink cannot be
      created (because the partent dir is missing).  To be fixed in another follow-up
      Change-Id: Ic7a682a17ac59c789c85c56c825dd623bc59428c
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    • Mike Kaganski's avatar
      tdf#108580: integrate vc_redist.exe into MSI · 61b1d631
      Mike Kaganski yazdı
      ... in InstallUISequense.
      Use --with-vcredist-dir to point to a directory with vc_redist.x64.exe
      and/or vc_redist.x86.exe. Use --without-vcredist-dir (or
      --with-vcredist-dir=no) if you don't want to ship it as part of
      installer and want to silence the configure warning.
      VCRedist 2015 version 14.0.24215.1 is available at
      Since VisualStudio 2015, VC redist merge module that we used before
      started to work differently: it installs the UCRT only on WinXP,
      but not on later OSes (Vista to 8.1) which may lack the UCRT (Win10
      has it out of the box). The merge module only installs VCRuntime on
      those systems, which still leaves us with "api-ms-*.dll is missing"
      gives more information on VCRedist refactoring background.)
      Since commit 71d9a613, we use a
      workaround described at the page mentioned above as "App-local
      deployment of the Universal CRT". We just copy all UCRT DLLs to
      LibreOffice/program. This has a drawback though, that our UCRT
      is not updated by Windows Update, so users would rely on LibreOffice
      updates in case of some vulnerabilities in UCRT (and they could
      even not realize they have that problem).
      MS recommends to install UCRT using EXEs they provide from their
      site. The EXEs install both VCRuntimes and UCRTs, along with
      required patches, for all Windows versions (Windows XP through
      Windows 10, where they only install VCRuntimes); the installed
      libraries are managed by system's update mechanism. But those EXEs
      cannot be used in MSI custom actions inside InstallExecuteSequence,
      because they use MSI themselves.
      So this patch integrates the vc_redist.xXX.exe into MSI binary
      table, and uses custom action to run the EXE after ExecuteAction
      in InstallUISequence. This will show the user a VCRedist install
      window after the main LibreOffice installation finishes; no user
      interaction is required (except for one additional UAC request),
      and errors are ignored.
      Since this installation takes care of both VCRuntime and UCRT,
      we can ultimately drop both the app-local workaround, and
      vcredist merge module (so VCRuntime would also be updated by
      system). The former is done here: this reverts commit
      This approach has its drawback: if one wants to use unattended
      installation (without UI; one example is deployment using
      ActiveDirectory GPO), then InstallUISequence is not run, and so
      VCRedist isn't installed. In this case, one should install
      VCRedist separately. Supposedly this should not be huge problem,
      because this is the case for many existing applications that need
      separate VCRedist deployment in these scenarios, and unattended
      installation is advanced stuff that requires prepared user. A
      notice would be required in release notes and FAQ, though.
      Change-Id: Ia6a16be60af8a08f41ea7c3dbd457d8f89006006
      Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/46356Reviewed-by: 's avatarMike Kaganski <mike.kaganski@collabora.com>
      Tested-by: 's avatarMike Kaganski <mike.kaganski@collabora.com>
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    • Michael Stahl's avatar
      solenv: installer: remove DONT_DELETE style · 78d03c63
      Michael Stahl yazdı
      This style was only handled in the installer code for registry items,
      but in scp2 it was only set for files, so effectively it was unused.
      Change-Id: I197eeded29648aee2489e302f7b5e48bf13a545c
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    • Stephan Bergmann's avatar
      tdf#87075: Filter out unused directories from FILELISTs · fbcdca2b
      Stephan Bergmann yazdı
      ...so that on macOS dictionary extensions don't pollute LibreOffice.app's
      Contents/Resources/extensions/ with empty directories (that would then show up
      as phantom extenions in the Extension Manager).
      Change-Id: Iacff73e931885cde0fe507e384de80e9bd38d475
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    • David Ostrovsky's avatar
      tdf#105311 VC++ Runtime installed in wrong directory · 30473907
      David Ostrovsky yazdı
      Starting from MSVC 14.0, the directory table layout of VC++ Runtime merge
      module changed. As consequence, all MSI produced with newer compilers,
      including MSVC 15.0 (aka VS 2017) are broken in term that the VC++
      Runtime DLLs are installed in the wrong directory, e.g.: C:\System64.
      According to the specification for merging merge module (msm), see:
      "Authoring Merge Module Directory Tables": [1], custom action 51 (set
      property) must be emitted for every directory name in the merge module
      directory table if the directory name is starting with the standard
      directory name.
      Quoting it here:
      When a predefined directory is included in a merge module, the merge
      tool automatically adds a Custom Action Type 51 to the target database.
      The merge module author must ensure that a CustomAction table is also
      included. The CustomAction table may be empty, but this table is required
      to exist in the target database and ensures that the modified predefined
      directories are written to the correct locations. For example, when a
      system directory is included in a merge module, the merge module author
      must ensure that a Custom Action table exists.
      Note that the matching algorithm for the generation of these type 51
      custom actions only checks that the directory name begins with one of
      the predefined SystemFolder properties. It does not verify that the
      directory name exactly equals the directory property. Any directory
      beginning with one of these standard folder names gets a type 51 custom
      action, even if the rest of the name is not a GUID. Authors need to take
      care that this does not generate false positive matches, and unintended
      custom action generation, on derivative primary keys that begin with one
      of the SystemFolder properties."
      Rectify the problem by analyzing the directory table from the merge
      module, checking whether the directory name starts with the standard
      prefix name and if it is the case, emitting custom action 51 to set this
      variable to the standard directory name.
      Implementation details:
      We use the existing facility for emitting the custom action table events
      including referencing them in the corresponding sequence tables. Given
      that the specification above doesn't mention what sequence table should
      be referencing this emitted custom action, we reversed engineer this
      information from WiX toolkit. Merging the VC++ CRT module with WiX
      toolkit and investigating the resulting MSI with Orca MSI reader, reveals
      that these sequence tables were referencing from these sequence tables:
      * AdminExecuteSequence
      * AdminUISequence
      * AdvtExecuteSequence
      * InstallExecuteSequence
      * InstallUISequence
      Replicate this behaviour here as well. Note, though, that custom actions
      are generally not referenced in AdminUISequence and AdvtExecuteSequence
      tables in LibreOffice MSI building tool chain.
      Rendering of the custom action is achieved by programmatic emulation of
      custom action in SCP module. Consider this similar SCP module based
        Name = "MigrateInstallPath";
        Typ = "321";
        Source = "shlxtmsi.dll";
        Target = "MigrateInstallPath";
        Inbinarytable = 1;
        Assignment1 = ("InstallExecuteSequence", "", "CostInitialize");
        Assignment2 = ("InstallUISequence", "", "CostInitialize");
      We instantiate the following data structure to emit custom action
        Name = "System64Folder.3CFBED52_9B44_3A4D_953C_90E456671BA1"
        Typ = "51"
        Source = "System64Folder.3CFBED52_9B44_3A4D_953C_90E456671BA1"
        Target = "[System64Folder]"
        Styles = "NO_FILES"
        Assignment1 = ("AdminExecuteSequence", "", "CostInitialize")
        Assignment2 = ("InstallExecuteSequence", "", "CostInitialize")
        Assignment3 = ("InstallUISequence", "", "CostInitialize")
      [1] https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa367787%28v=vs.85%29.aspx
      Change-Id: I2fbd37ff63298d99b2ba1b6afe6e875f56d8e378
      Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/33366Tested-by: 's avatarJenkins <ci@libreoffice.org>
      Reviewed-by: 's avatarDavid Ostrovsky <david@ostrovsky.org>