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    • Jan-Marek Glogowski's avatar
      Ignore grep return code for MSI builds · d526f5d7
      Jan-Marek Glogowski yazdı
      So "grep -v" returns != 0, if your input or output file is empty.
      which breaks the Jenkins build, because Jenkins runs scripts with
      -xe per default.
      The "strip comments" grep currently fails for the empty file
      Change-Id: I53a477702dbcc3c00c4a23263c3b402cb936250a
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    • Caolán McNamara's avatar
      alternative solution to avoid adding a gnome-vfs dependency if disabled · 1a038dc8
      Caolán McNamara yazdı
      i.e. "don't add gnomevfs requires to epm created rpms if GNOMEVFS is disabled"
      seeing as setup_native/source/packinfo/packinfo_office.txt references
      find-requires-gnome.sh and doesn't have conditional support revert the split
      and put the the conditional into find-requires-gnome.sh
      Change-Id: I34bd37c4fd252f2175ff055024293dea946b4881
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    • Michael Stahl's avatar
      remove SOLARENV variable · bc5069ac
      Michael Stahl yazdı
      It is constant and can just be replaced by $(SRCDIR)/solenv.
      Use BUILD_TYPE where it was used to check if config_*.mk is sourced.
      Change-Id: Ib9d480c57194b6340093aa47776f8768df69b7d1
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    • Stephan Bergmann's avatar
      Remove *_Test product, so cppunittester can be NONE again · 359472b2
      Stephan Bergmann yazdı
      ...as per #libreoffice-dev IRC:
      Sep 19 10:32:24 <mst__> sberg, moggi  why the hell is that thing named
        "cppunit/cppunittester" and inside a subdir?  it's obstructing my attempt to
        put it in $(INSTDIR)/program
      Sep 19 10:33:28 <mst__> (... and if you wonder "wtf does it have to do with
        INSTDIR" you have never heard of awesome LibreOffice_Test installset.... not
        that i would know who needs it :)
      Sep 19 10:36:36 <sberg> mst__, it is in a subdir of solver/*/bin so that on
        Windows it would not accidentally have picked DLLs next to itself instead of
        the module-local DLLs it was supposed to test (back when we had module-local
        output trees)
      Sep 19 10:37:02 <mst__> sberg, ahh hysteric reasons then, /me renames it
      Sep 19 10:37:55 <tml> mst__, if nobody you know uses LibreOffice_Test, just kill
      Sep 19 10:38:59 <sberg> mst__, tml, LibreOffice_Test was conceived by pmladek
        and/or kendy, IIRC
      Sep 19 10:40:31 * kendy does not remember anything about it :-)
      Sep 19 10:42:17 <sberg> wasn't that something so users (or QA people?) could
        easily run the smoketest against an installation, to see whether the
        installation is any good at all, by installing that LibreOffice_Test alongside
        the installation proper?
      Sep 19 10:43:26 <sberg> mst__, ...and I'd unscientifically vote to kill it
      Sep 19 11:34:23 <pmladek> mst__, sberg: I have created the LibreOffice_Test
        package for one QA guy. He does not longer work on LO. I am not sure if anyone
        else started to use it. So, I think that it can be killed.
      Oct 17 18:18:07 <tml_> sberg: have you ever noticed that when you try to
        actually run instdir/unxmacxi/LibreOfficeDev.app , the system actually tries
        to run cppunittester inside the app bundle (it says so in the crash report)
        (it crashes because cppunittester requires a specialized DYLIB_LIBRARY_PATH
      Oct 17 18:19:29 <tml_> I suspect that the system when cppunittester as part of
        the build process is run from inside instdir (i.e. inside an app bundle) the
        system "caches" this false knowledge, and thinks that the executable of the
        app bundle is cppunittester...
      Oct 17 18:19:36 <sberg> tml_, no, never noticed; with "run
        instdir/unxmacxi/LibreOfficeDev.app" you mean calling "open
        instdir/unxmacxi/LibreOfficeDev.app"?  (I always call
        .app/Contenst/MacOS/program explicitly)
      Oct 17 18:19:52 <tml_> yes, I mean "open instdir/..."
      Oct 17 18:20:53 <tml_> some googling tells me that at least years ago, the
        CFBundleExecutable key in the Info.plist is ignored if it is manually changed,
        so I guess similar caching of mapping between an app bundle and which
        executable to actually run happens in this case
      Oct 17 18:23:17 <tml_> and last year somebody even claims "And while on Mountain
        Lion, CFBundleExecutable seems to be a no-op", which would be odd, surely
        there must be widely used apps that have several executables inside the MacOS
        directory; how would the system know which one to run when the app is run?
      Oct 17 18:24:38 <tml_> hmm, apparently the code that handles this might be open
        source even, http://www.opensource.apple.com/source/CF/CF-744.18/CFBundle.c
      Oct 17 18:25:52 <tml_> some mention of "caches" there yes, my guesses might be
      Oct 17 18:27:05 <tml_> if I cp -R instdir/unxmacxi/LibreOffice.app foo.app and
        open foo.app, it works fine
      Oct 17 18:28:33 <tml_> anyway, I guess it would be cleaner to have cppunittester
        somewhere else even without this problem
      Oct 17 18:37:09 <sberg> tml_, yes, IIRC having cppunittester in instdir was a
        misguided mst decision, because that odd LibreOffice_Test product (that
        pmladek said nobody needs any longer anyway) includes it; I think consensus
        was to kill LibreOffice_Test and move cppunittester where all the other NONE
        executables are, but looks like nobody executed
      Oct 17 18:37:55 <tml_> ah ok, so mst should know what needs to be done? good, no
        need for me to try to hack this now then
      Oct 17 18:38:19 <sberg> tml_, I'll do the cleanup tomorrow, unless somebody
        beats me
      This removes smoketest/losmoketest et al along with the *_Test product, as they
      seem to not make sense without it anyway.  smoketest/Executable_libtest.mk
      appears to be a test that could also be run during the build, and only ended up
      in the *_Test product by accident, so I left it untouched for now.
      Change-Id: I8024472c909fe0a885eb08ef4d3777f8a9e1f7c8
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    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Simplify check for verbosity · 1b5ed901
      Tor Lillqvist yazdı
      Just check for $(VERBOSE) or $(verbose) being non-empty instead of
      checking for $(VERBOSE) equalling "TRUE". Isn't our normal way to do a
      verbose make to pass verbose=t?
      Change-Id: Ic4ddc1fe025fed55ca56fd21b615640c389c0454
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    • Petr Mladek's avatar
      rename LOdev builds to LibreOfficeDev · 16826147
      Petr Mladek yazdı
      It is similar change that we did for the release builds.
      Also fixes make-dev install on Windows.
      Change-Id: I7d9a4bc2e7b14e79516acdfb90c709dbde1378ab
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