1. 11 Eki, 2016 1 kayıt (commit)
  2. 10 Eyl, 2013 1 kayıt (commit)
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Parsing master presentation objects from 'objectlist.xml' · d50bd55c
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Parsing the property values of master presentation objects.
      Also new functions added to comphelper module for expanding
      filepaths macro to appropriate system file paths(for
      configuration files present at 'Impress.xcs')
      Change-Id: If0381a12155673e85103ddb5d51c34ae53fe2ecb
  3. 26 Agu, 2013 2 kayıt (commit)
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      Adding entries to "objectlist.xml" · 08913f85
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Few more entries are added to "objectlist.xml".Only last two magic numbers
      of "sdpage.cxx" are left to be handled.They are slightly different from
      rest of the entries.
      Change-Id: Ic1481606a360695dc57174e5e4037169f91bd611
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Creating a new demo XML file · c3631606
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      A small demo version of new XML file, to store the remaining of the 'magic numbers' left in the
      Change-Id: I2883782dbdfd5a68f707631faec2e7b1d62a00de