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  4. 26 Agu, 2013 13 kayıt (commit)
    • Thorsten Behrens's avatar
      Some cleanup and consolidation of the Impress layout work. · 1eecb8df
      Thorsten Behrens yazdı
      Also make unit test work again after Mac-app like path changes.
      Change-Id: I13eae20141650e1d1d826a794d1f19baaef5f561
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Few changes to position co-ordinates of layouts. · 46ab418b
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Made appropriate changes to the position co-ordinates of layoutlist.xml.And
      now diff of 'vertical layouts' comes empty.
      Change-Id: Idd4ced9e7551dc95fd42e2a9767894fff121914d
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Few name conventions changes. · 8a1ccacb
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Changed the name of attributes from "title-shape-relative-height" to "relative-height" & all others.
      Change-Id: I3010e8faf8a9bf347a7bec366449bbba77f0a69f
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Adding vertical layouts to XML file. · 9b7a693e
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      The new vertical layouts and the old layouts works well on my maschine.
      Also the 'vertical writing' mode seems to be working perfectly for 'vertical layouts'.
      And removed the 'switch'case from the "sdpage.cxx".
      Change-Id: Ic9f6af68cdeb635f79e67b959f95ac0a79c119ca
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Making few changes to the parser logic. · 07dccf03
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      The logical change seems to work perfectly,only few of the layouts involving
      'vertical title' are left to be handled in the XML file.Also commenting out
      some of the code in the switch case for temporary reference.It will
      be deleted in the subsequent commit.
      Change-Id: I491e414dec3dbd01d8566f23ab31096daa7bbfa8
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Few changes to the logic of parsing · 6671f931
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      This changes are pushed for quick reference as there are some more changes
      that are left to be done.
      Change-Id: I8c79fa7730dcab9250bebe6bd84f49a8664e338d
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Temporarily adding new methods to "drawdoc.cxx". · 7885ead7
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Adding new methods to "SdDrawDocument" class to set the vector "layoutlist"
      from the constructor of "SdDrawDocument" and use it in "CalcAutoLayoutRectangles".
      Build got failed in-between,so authentication of it's working is left to be done.
      Change-Id: Ia614ab0e1d45022d770e61d27b0ae6c74dc71bf8
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Added few more new samples to "layoutlist.xml" · a1f2fb38
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      New samples are added to "layoutlist.xml" and corresponding changes are made in the "sdpage.cxx".
      Few changes are still left to be made in the values,which will be done in the next commit.
      Change-Id: Ia388f416906f4416ec596ae4631a51940e6ccf93
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Changed the logic of parsing · 84bfb880
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Have added a vector list of XNode to store the parse XML and referring it instead of XML eveytime.
      Need to make scope level changes for vector and parseXml() in the next commit.
      Change-Id: I2f270fc18058772fbf30a2a44e564c8290c316c4
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Solved the identation problem related to "layoutlist.xml". · ac5b9651
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Have added a 'if' conditional statement to know whether layout's child is a empty 'text' node or 'presobj' node.And proceed with rest of the
      things ,if it is a 'presobj' node.Also the xml files are indented.
      Change-Id: I676e710b86b1f50dbd861f2cb180bf9be839b867
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Adding new Slide Layouts Samples to "layoutlist.xml". · da5bca5b
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Have added new "Slide Layouts" samples.So commented out the code related to existing slide layouts in "sdpage.cxx" and also added some code
      for XML parsing of the new layouts.
      Change-Id: I8f5fdcab5f2eb41e37fa522a7801b388cbfefed5
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Working version of XML parser from configuration file path · 2fd74b3b
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Added some changes in the "getRootElement" and new "layoutlist.xml" is added for "unit-test" module.
      XML parser works perfectly in the installation,only the failure of "unit-test" is left to be solved.
      Some refactoring related to "layoutlist.xml" will be updated soon.
      Change-Id: If7ed3af40e9b6df26e20881728181eb6c82936d8
    • Vishv Brahmbhatt's avatar
      Changing the XML parser with configuration file path · 4a281deb
      Vishv Brahmbhatt yazdı
      Updating the "getRootElement" function.So "layoutlist.xml" can be read from actual configuration path.
      Change-Id: Iee636d32e629e935e46a18572646659780ae20e3