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    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: corrections for UnitTest in vcl · a2e25af0
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      The CppunitTest_vcl_filters_test was not working due
      to a wmf file now being loadable. This leaded to better
      check errors on stream and react on it in test code.
      Hrad to find since that test - for whatever reason - is
      not executed on win. Also need to check result of
      EmfReader. Added emfio to test's module list
      Change-Id: Iea2b835408e919a8456e8f178cbfc782885ffebb
    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: UnitTests and gerrit build corrections · 48af0b93
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      Needed to migrate UnitTest for Emf/Wmf import from
      vcl to emfio. Corrected stuff based on gerrit build
      Change-Id: I7fd2456f814ea19583072ba09730a07e9b9d4061
    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: completed isolation/migration of Emf/Wmf · 783269e9
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      Decided to keep the migrated/isolated Emf/Wmf reader
      which are now hidden behind a Uno Api. Had to re-implement
      WMF_EXTERNALHEADER (now WmfExternal, own file/header)
      to not break anything. It *seems* to just scale something
      and could be done after import, but I could not be sure.
      Also needed a callback hook to allow getting the Metafile
      out of a MetafilePrimitive in a lower module (vcl relative
      to drawinglayer) which is needed as long as primitives
      are not completely on Uno Api. Deleted all Emf/Wmf reader
      stuff from vcl.
      Change-Id: Ic5540defa8ec770728280df4df3f12e1f48cfc3a
    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: reorganized some old filter aspects · a3f09ab5
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      Change-Id: I1949e851c560a81a461ec42a992f3b2cb0d019f8
    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: add rough version of local reader · c7470f5b
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      Complete redevelopent is too expensive, start with
      adding a copy of the existing vcl importer which
      will in the next steps be adapted to import primitives
      instead of MetaFile(Actions). Adapted namespace, made
      compile and added sample code to roughly use it
      Change-Id: I79e7ea0d78099fbbe18e2a595457b2ab353f58ea
    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: use size of image of metafile fallback · b93d0cad
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      Change-Id: I0de82e0e431c0ce4527a909c2f98194f465ace8d
    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: for convenience added fallback · 600a2aa2
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      For development and to not be dependent of the progress
      of the coming EMF+ importer, for now add fallback to
      using the old Metafile importer, plus conversion to
      primitive representation. That way the whole encapsulation
      is ready and can already be used
      Change-Id: I29afadaaaba71d75d0f5593852f4cc0cb3dd13f8
    • Armin Le Grand's avatar
      emfplus: create a wmf/emf/emf+ primitive based importer · 83535a28
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      First steps to organize an importer that can read/interpret
      wmf/emf/emf+ and deliver a primitive representation for
      the content by parsing it. Use the same mechanisms as
      already applied for Svg, so to reuse abilities to keep
      original binary data to allow save again and embedding in
      files and have an implemented replacement bitmap based
      representation. For this, unify the used helper classes
      to handle more than just Svg. For 1st try, add test code
      and static bool switches
      Change-Id: I6e0a82943541d811a8f8d65a84115569fcd8cee7