1. 13 Nis, 2013 1 kayıt (commit)
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      Make l10ntools executables escape clear · d885a85a
      Zolnai Tamás yazdı
      Steps of escaping process:
      1. Executables unescape the string for export(if necessary)
      2. Po class work with unescaped string
      3. Escape strings to PO format and write out
      4. Read from PO and unescape strings
      5. Executables make own transformation on string and merge
      Use general functions for escaping (helper)
      Delete unneeded escaping methods(xrmmerge, merge)
      Delete some unused method from PoEntry class
      Change-Id: I7f9414581aae9e6de7d1573862a32cdbd68c9545
  2. 31 Mar, 2013 1 kayıt (commit)
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      Make a bit cleaner transformation of help strings · ce51bf1a
      Zolnai Tamás yazdı
      *Not escape tags and double quots in tags,
       but find tags(icu regexp) when merge and
       use this infromation to make strings valid.
      *Define a new Quot function for helpex,
       which works with icu UnicodeCharacter.
      *Move tag search to xmlparse.cxx and use icu
       just in helpex.
      *QuotHTML not unescape just replace xml charcters.
       (unescaping is also useless in uimerge.cxx)
      *Move UnQuotHTML() to helper.
       (was used it in xmlparse.cxx and cfgmerge.cxx)
      *Use UnQuotHTML() in uimerge.cxx too.
      Change-Id: Ice8940ef69279709a1c5d84c6ae1b0d62a71ca76
  3. 26 Ock, 2013 1 kayıt (commit)
    • Michael Stahl's avatar
      gbuild: do not copy boost headers around · a53586f4
      Michael Stahl yazdı
      - do not use gb_UnpackedTarball_copy_header_files for boost
      - adapt the optimization in concat-deps.c for new path
      - use boost_headers in all LinkTargets that require it
      - add explicit include paths to mysqlc, mysqlcppconn, libvisio, liborcus
      Change-Id: I0c43e73ed43cc9d2e6bce8faf55e992d655a0bb9
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  6. 08 Eki, 2012 1 kayıt (commit)
    • Zolnai Tamás's avatar
      Move propex/propmerge code to C++ · f73618e9
      Zolnai Tamás yazdı
      -Use same methods and commandline params
       as other localizers
      -Work with one lang during mergeing
      -Work well with comments
      -Correct makefiles according to one lang concept
      Plus delete propex.bat to avoid conflicts
      Change-Id: Ia9d2886db263c31f29692c3f6da2b8ec6542b564
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