1. 21 Tem, 2017 1 kayıt (commit)
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      migrate to boost::gettext · 00657aef
      Caolán McNamara yazdı
      * all .ui files go from <interface> to <interface domain="MODULE"> e.g. vcl
      * all .src files go away and the english source strings folded into the .hrc as NC_("context", "source string")
      * ResMgr is dropped in favour of std::locale imbued by boost::locale::generator pointed at matching
        MODULE .mo files
      * UIConfig translations are folded into the module .mo, so e.g. UIConfig_cui
        goes from l10n target to normal one, so the res/lang.zips of UI files go away
      * translation via Translation::get(hrc-define-key, imbued-std::locale)
      * python can now be translated with its inbuilt gettext support (we keep the name strings.hrc there
        to keep finding the .hrc file uniform) so magic numbers can go away there
      * java and starbasic components can be translated via the pre-existing css.resource.StringResourceWithLocation
      * en-US res files go away, their strings are now the .hrc keys in the source code
      * remaining .res files are replaced by .mo files
      * in .res/.ui-lang-zip files, the old scheme missing translations of strings
        results in inserting the english original so something can be found, now the
        standard fallback of using the english original from the source key is used, so
        partial translations shrink dramatically in size
      * extract .hrc strings with hrcex which backs onto
         xgettext -C --add-comments --keyword=NC_:1c,2 --from-code=UTF-8 --no-wrap
      * extract .ui strings with uiex which backs onto
         xgettext --add-comments --no-wrap
      * qtz for gettext translations is generated at runtime as ascii-ified crc32 of
         content + "|" + msgid
      * [API CHANGE] remove deprecated binary .res resouce loader related uno apis
          when translating strings via uno apis
          can continue to be used
      Change-Id: Ia2594a2672b7301d9c3421fdf31b6cfe7f3f8d0a
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      profilesafe: Add values for SecureUserConfig · 35ec8253
      Armin Le Grand yazdı
      Added default values for SecureUserConfig values
      to soffice.ini/rc which enable the mechanism,
      enable by default and set a maximum of three backups
      file in packed form. Added more handy flag for easy
      decision to add compressed/uncompressed.
      Change-Id: I5a624c09fec4e4278314e13fc5f693ac085d5e61
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      URI-encode spaces in PRODUCTNAME for UserInstallation · 336a9ec1
      Tor Lillqvist yazdı
      Failing to do this caused a mysterious uncaught exception in gengal,
      with no explanation printed. This turned out to be caused by the
      'CONFIGURATION_LAYERS: missing ":"' exception thrown in configmgr,
      which was caused by the unencoded space confusing the parsing of the
      Change-Id: I9c91819906c2e0dd434d9f96a04bc14c0e0408ed
  21. 04 Agu, 2016 1 kayıt (commit)
    • Tor Lillqvist's avatar
      Introduce --with-product-name superseding --with-macosx-app-name · b640a134
      Tor Lillqvist yazdı
      The new option thoroughly replaces the product name mentioned in the
      AC_INIT() call. Work in progress.
      Also take care of spaces in the product name in a more systematic
      This should affect mainly OS X where the final app bundle that is
      installed should use the product name as such, including spaces, if
      any. However, our build system does not cope that well with having an
      app bundle with spaces in it in instdir. So in instdir, and also in
      test-install, spaces are stripped away from the product name when used
      as part of the app bundle name.
      Change-Id: Ic16b5039f23c96a4f39387a1869faeb25e05aafb
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    • Jan-Marek Glogowski's avatar
      Ignore grep return code for MSI builds · d526f5d7
      Jan-Marek Glogowski yazdı
      So "grep -v" returns != 0, if your input or output file is empty.
      which breaks the Jenkins build, because Jenkins runs scripts with
      -xe per default.
      The "strip comments" grep currently fails for the empty file
      Change-Id: I53a477702dbcc3c00c4a23263c3b402cb936250a
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      Support modification write-back to other than registrymodifications.xcu · 12f92e6d
      Stephan Bergmann yazdı
      ...to eventually support writing to dconf (see TODO).
      Even when writing somewhere else, it may still be useful to read from the
      current "user:" location, so a new convention was introduced to
      CONFIGURATION_LAYERS types that support write-back:
      - A leading "!" indicates that the layer is indeed used for write-back (probably
      in addition to reading from it).  For backwards compatibility (when users use
      own settings of CONFIGURATION_LAYERS, instead of depending on the value in the
      shipped fundamental ini-file), no prefix on the "user:" is now interpreted the
      same as a "!" prefix.
      - A leading "*" indicates that the layer is not used for write-back (but only
      for reading from it).
      Change-Id: I399cc7bfe927db50586834f9630c184aaa2153f2
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    • Christian Lohmaier's avatar
      update branding for 5.0 · 8cfdd81b
      Christian Lohmaier yazdı
      about-dialog & windows installer imgs
      use non TDF-tagline and add Development build variant for splashscreen
      DS_Store for Mac dnd installer not adjusted yet
      Change-Id: I4ff449d9564214a80f88c752e54064b599e9948b