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Introducing a README to compile LO on Solaris with GCC

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Instructions to compile LO on Solaris with gcc
This is still work in progress
Compiling LO on Solaris with gcc is a work done by Lanedo ( www.lanedo.com )
Any inquiry could be sent to office-solaris@lanedo.com
A working Oracle Solaris 11 installation
Installing Dependancies
sudo -s
pkg install git make gcc-45 autoconf autogen automake-110 gnu-m4
perl -MCPAN -e 'install Archive::Zip::Archive'
pkg install pkg:/system/header@0.5.11-
pkg install pkg:/developer/gperf@3.0.3-
pkg install pkg:/developer/parser/bison@2.3-
pkg install pkg:/developer/lexer/flex@2.5.35-
pkg install pkg:/developer/documentation-tool/doxygen@
CC="gcc" CXX="g++" ./autogen.sh --with-num-cpus=2 --with-max-jobs=4 --without-junit --disable-mozilla --with-system-curl --without-help --disable-cups --without-java --with-system-cairo --with-lang= --disable-gconf --enable-gio --disable-gnome-vfs --disable-gstreamer --without-fonts --with-system-dicts --without-stlport --disable-mozilla --without-system-mozilla --disable-xmlsec --with-system-openssl
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