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External library.
External package containing font metrics
android specific code, wrapper logic and tests
Audio/Video media implementation.
Needs a Java Media Framework (JMF).
Not currently usable for streams but only for URIs in the file system.
Provides per-platform implementations of multimedia functionality.
Currently no stream API is provided, only a URI based one, so
streaming has to be wrapped around it via temp files.
Contains the StarBASIC Interpreter and in addition the GUI of VCLTestTool.
Contains the StarBASIC Interpreter
This implements a macro language that, when in VBA compatibility mode,
is intended to be interoperable with Visual Basic for Applications,
allowing people to run macros embedded in their documents.
See also:
The Berkeley database.
This code is used primarily for legacy UNO component registration in
the users' directory, for some small bits in xmlhelp, and for the help
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The graphics library, used for anti-aliasing. From [http://cairographics.org/].
This code is used by default only on Linux, though it is also
available on Mac. There is a cairo-canvas implementation that is the
main customer, and it is enabled via 'use hardware acceleration' in
the general options.
Chart implementation for LibreOffice Calc.
The chart2 denotes a second generation re-write done to rid us of the
foul and twisted legacy chart code.
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External package containing clucene.
This is used to index our downloadable help packages, and allow them
to be searched efficiently at run-time.
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UNO services to access the configuration database
== Functional Overview ==
This code parses the settings that are described in the [[officecfg]]
directory, and provides an UNO API that code can use to set and get
== Source Overview ==
Obsolete dmake build tool.
The dmake build tool was for years the backbone of building the
codebase. Herein lies the bones of that effort - a patched, and fixed
up version of dmake that mostly works even on Windows.
It is now being incrementally written-out in favour of the faster
gnumake approach.
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