Kaydet (Commit) daff51e1 authored tarafından Luboš Luňák's avatar Luboš Luňák

revert the change of SwCntntNode bases, for now

Smoketest fails because of this, presumably there is some old-style
C cast that fails to adjust the pointer value in SwModify* -> SwCntntNode*
casts because of missing the header file *sigh* , but I can't find
it now.
üst d527a2ea
......@@ -376,7 +376,7 @@ private:
// --------------------
// SwCntntNode
// --------------------
class SW_DLLPUBLIC SwCntntNode: public SwNode, public SwModify, public SwIndexReg
class SW_DLLPUBLIC SwCntntNode: public SwModify, public SwNode, public SwIndexReg
......@@ -993,8 +993,8 @@ SwEndNode::SwEndNode( SwNodes& rNds, sal_uLong nPos, SwStartNode& rSttNd )
SwCntntNode::SwCntntNode( const SwNodeIndex &rWhere, const sal_uInt8 nNdType,
SwFmtColl *pColl )
: SwNode( rWhere, nNdType ),
SwModify( pColl ), // CrsrsShell, FrameFmt,
: SwModify( pColl ), // CrsrsShell, FrameFmt,
SwNode( rWhere, nNdType ),
pCondColl( 0 ),
mbSetModifyAtAttr( false )
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