Kaydet (Commit) d526f5d7 authored tarafından Jan-Marek Glogowski's avatar Jan-Marek Glogowski

Ignore grep return code for MSI builds

So "grep -v" returns != 0, if your input or output file is empty.
which breaks the Jenkins build, because Jenkins runs scripts with
-xe per default.

The "strip comments" grep currently fails for the empty file

Change-Id: I53a477702dbcc3c00c4a23263c3b402cb936250a
üst c95ba3ef
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ define instsetoo_native_msitemplates
TEMPLATE_DIR=$(dir $@)msi_templates \
&& rm -rf $${TEMPLATE_DIR} \
&& mkdir -p $${TEMPLATE_DIR}/Binary \
&& for I in $(SRCDIR)/instsetoo_native/inc_$(1)/windows/msi_templates/*.* ; do $(GREP) -v '^#' "$$I" > $${TEMPLATE_DIR}/`basename $$I` ; done \
&& for I in $(SRCDIR)/instsetoo_native/inc_$(1)/windows/msi_templates/*.* ; do $(GREP) -v '^#' "$$I" > $${TEMPLATE_DIR}/`basename $$I` || true ; done \
&& $(GNUCOPY) $(SRCDIR)/instsetoo_native/inc_common/windows/msi_templates/Binary/*.* $${TEMPLATE_DIR}/Binary
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