Kaydet (Commit) cc4568e5 authored tarafından Julien Nabet's avatar Julien Nabet

WaE -Wunused-function

Change-Id: I201ee3b1092fce188d2bbc90aeb93059b175a03e
üst d0bf1510
......@@ -1362,13 +1362,6 @@ static long lcl_MinHeightDist( const long nDist )
return ::lcl_AlignHeight( Max( nDist, nMinDistPixelH ));
static long lcl_MinWidthDist( const long nDist )
if ( aScaleX < aMinDistScale || aScaleY < aMinDistScale )
return nDist;
return ::lcl_AlignWidth( Max( nDist, nMinDistPixelW ));
//Calculate PrtArea plus surrounding plus shadow.
static void lcl_CalcBorderRect( SwRect &rRect, const SwFrm *pFrm,
const SwBorderAttrs &rAttrs,
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