Kaydet (Commit) bc6a5d8e authored tarafından Dennis Francis's avatar Dennis Francis

Disable custom allocator

This has big positive effect on software interpreter threading
performance scaling.

Change-Id: I8fbb6bf8f7ed410fd53278acee63bf65f13bac38
üst 4defacd1
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ AllocMode alloc_mode = AllocMode::UNSET;
static void determine_alloc_mode()
assert(alloc_mode == AllocMode::UNSET);
alloc_mode = (getenv("G_SLICE") == nullptr ? AllocMode::CUSTOM : AllocMode::SYSTEM);
alloc_mode = AllocMode::SYSTEM;
static const sal_Size g_alloc_sizes[] =
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