Kaydet (Commit) b58b241f authored tarafından Stephan Bergmann's avatar Stephan Bergmann

loplugin:externvar (clang-cl)

Change-Id: Iebf83ccfb9e7128fd328a548ce77cdee4ef7ca4b
üst a9d06182
......@@ -47,12 +47,12 @@ typedef SC_HANDLE (__stdcall * OpenService_t)(SC_HANDLE, LPCSTR, DWORD);
typedef BOOL (__stdcall * QueryServiceStatus_t)(SC_HANDLE, LPSERVICE_STATUS);
typedef BOOL (__stdcall * StartService_t)(SC_HANDLE, DWORD, LPCSTR*);
CloseServiceHandle_t CloseServiceHandle_ = nullptr;
ControlService_t ControlService_ = nullptr;
OpenSCManager_t OpenSCManager_ = nullptr;
OpenService_t OpenService_ = nullptr;
QueryServiceStatus_t QueryServiceStatus_ = nullptr;
StartService_t StartService_ = nullptr;
static CloseServiceHandle_t CloseServiceHandle_ = nullptr;
static ControlService_t ControlService_ = nullptr;
static OpenSCManager_t OpenSCManager_ = nullptr;
static OpenService_t OpenService_ = nullptr;
static QueryServiceStatus_t QueryServiceStatus_ = nullptr;
static StartService_t StartService_ = nullptr;
const char * const INDEXING_SERVICE_NAME = "cisvc";
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