Kaydet (Commit) b4429d5b authored tarafından Stephan Bergmann's avatar Stephan Bergmann

Probably better to comment on these dependencies

...added with f23651ff "Missing dependencies"

Change-Id: I4cd02fc8b242b3a3737305546bf3155425614d65
üst be77dba7
......@@ -3927,6 +3927,9 @@ $(call gb_Executable_add_runtime_dependencies,saxparser,\
# Executable_svidl links against Library_tl, which links against Library_comphelper, which links
# against libraries from ExternalProject_gpgmepp, which links against libraries from
# ExternalProject_libassuan and ExternalProject_libgpg-error:
define gb_Executable__register_svidl
$(call gb_Executable_add_runtime_dependencies,svidl, \
$(call gb_Helper_optional,GPGMEPP, \
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