Kaydet (Commit) ae8bd426 authored tarafından Michael Stahl's avatar Michael Stahl

dbaccess: fix testCloneMovesPlusDeletions test

JunitTest_dbaccess_complex spuriously fails 1% of the time with:

1) testCloneMovesPlusDeletions(complex.dbaccess.RowSet)
java.lang.AssertionError: moving to the next record after |deleteRow| and clone moves failed
    at complex.dbaccess.RowSet.testCloneMovesPlusDeletions(RowSet.java:756)

The problem is that line RowSet.java:750 deleteRow() manages to delete
the last row in the set, because the positionRandom() is tricked to
position itself on the last row (which it tries not to do), becuase the
RowSet is currently positioned past-the-end on a deleted row and the
ORowSetBase::impl_getRowCount() is a lying bastard that adds 1 to the
result in this special case.

Funnily both the ORowSetBase::impl_getRowCount() and the test using
positionRandom() were added in CWS rowsetdel.  Yay for randomized

Change-Id: Ic8c7bfa190f6a5269604cf5b3c338f2d0b64205e
üst b5f0c823
......@@ -528,7 +528,12 @@ public class RowSet extends TestCase
private int positionRandom() throws SQLException, UnknownPropertyException, WrappedTargetException
final int position = (new Random()).nextInt(currentRowCount() - 2) + 2;
// note: obviously this should subtract 2 but actually subtract 3
// because if we have just deleted the current row then
// ORowSetBase::impl_getRowCount() will lie and currentRowCount()
// returns 1 more than the actual number of rows and then
// positionRandom() followed by deleteRow() deletes *last* row
final int position = (new Random()).nextInt(currentRowCount() - 3) + 2;
assertTrue("sub task failed: could not position to row no. " + (Integer.valueOf(position)).toString(),
return m_resultSet.getRow();
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