Kaydet (Commit) a27f2622 authored tarafından Thorsten Behrens's avatar Thorsten Behrens Kaydeden (comit) Thorsten Behrens

fix build: use same conditional as in configure

Change-Id: I2383baaafbb5f79e1469a6296f3d65f1eadfa5eb
üst 788515f4
......@@ -3469,7 +3469,7 @@ $(call gb_LinkTarget_add_libs,$(1),\
else ifneq ($(filter GPGMEPP,$(BUILD_TYPE)),) # NON-SYSTEM_GPGME
define gb_ExternalProject__use_gpgmepp
$(call gb_ExternalProject_use_external_project,$(1),gpgmepp)
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