Kaydet (Commit) 94c50851 authored tarafından David Tardon's avatar David Tardon

use gb_WITH_LANG consistently

Change-Id: I50f5b8c95d82781029f3ae3dda1865dea9b336d5
üst c06e51aa
......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ $(call gb_SrsTemplatePartTarget_get_target,$(1)) : $(call gb_SrsPartMergeTarget_
$$(call gb_Helper_abbreviate_dirs,\
mkdir -p $$(dir $$@) && \
cp $$< $$@)
ifneq ($(strip $(WITH_LANG)),)
ifneq ($(strip $(gb_WITH_LANG)),)
$(call gb_SrsPartMergeTarget_SrsPartMergeTarget,$(1),$(true))
......@@ -165,13 +165,13 @@ endef
# How it works:
# We let _get_target depend on _get_update_target, so after they are
# done, _get_target is newer than _get_update_target. If
# WITH_LANG changes (from nonempty to empty or the other way around),
# gb_WITH_LANG changes (from nonempty to empty or the other way around),
# _get_target and _get_update_target are switched, therefore _get_target
# is now _older_ than _get_update_target and must be regenerated :-)
gb_SrsTemplateTarget__get_merged_target = $(call gb_SrsTemplateTarget_get_target,$(1))_merged_last
gb_SrsTemplateTarget__get_unmerged_target = $(call gb_SrsTemplateTarget_get_target,$(1))_unmerged_last
ifeq ($(strip $(WITH_LANG)),)
ifeq ($(strip $(gb_WITH_LANG)),)
gb_SrsTemplateTarget__get_target = $(call gb_SrsTemplateTarget__get_unmerged_target,$(1))
gb_SrsTemplateTarget__get_update_target = $(call gb_SrsTemplateTarget__get_merged_target,$(1))
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