Kaydet (Commit) 8978fdf5 authored tarafından David Tardon's avatar David Tardon

fix variable name

Change-Id: Ie3eef59c934f5fe4146a911e4ee652457b94edd8
üst 7cbedaa9
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ PRODUCTLIST := libreoffice libreofficedev
PRODUCTNAME.libreoffice := LibreOffice
PRODUCTNAME.libreofficeodev := LibreOfficeDev
PRODUCTNAME.libreofficedev := LibreOfficeDev
UNIXFILENAME.libreoffice := libreoffice$(PKGVERSIONSHORT)
UNIXFILENAME.libreofficedev := libreofficedev$(PKGVERSIONSHORT)
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