Kaydet (Commit) 80fb8b77 authored tarafından David Tardon's avatar David Tardon

make sure the dir exists

I am hitting this problem with libcppunit.so.exports. It happens because
libcppunit.so is not built by LinkTarget, so nothing has created
$(WORKDIR)/LinkTarget/Library/ yet.

Change-Id: Ibdde83c746f02110aab113491a2bf37bf2d417eb
üst 7e404210
......@@ -449,7 +449,7 @@ endef
# Put this pattern rule here so it overrides the one below.
# (this is rather ugly: because of % the functions cannot be used)
$(call gb_LinkTarget_get_target,Library/%.exports) : $(gb_Library_OUTDIRLOCATION)/%
$(if $(wildcard $@),true,touch $@)
$(if $(wildcard $@),true,mkdir -p $(dir $@) && touch $@)
$(call gb_LinkTarget_get_target,%) : $(call gb_LinkTarget_get_headers_target,%) $(gb_Helper_MISCDUMMY)
$(if $(filter $*,$(foreach lib,$(gb_MERGEDLIBS) $(gb_URELIBS),$(call gb_Library_get_linktargetname,$(lib)))),\
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