Kaydet (Commit) 7b0c57b2 authored tarafından Lionel Elie Mamane's avatar Lionel Elie Mamane

some compilers don't like implicit bool-to-ORowSetValue conversion

Change-Id: Ic4463db8aeca6ae9a86f7b890f95eb73724c6a1b
üst 5e79d60f
......@@ -482,7 +482,7 @@ ORowSetValue OResultSet::retrieveValue(const sal_Int32 nColumnIndex, const ISC_S
return getString(nColumnIndex);
return getLong(nColumnIndex);
return getBoolean(nColumnIndex);
return ORowSetValue(getBoolean(nColumnIndex));
case SQL_BLOB:
case SQL_NULL:
case SQL_QUAD:
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